Friday, 22 March 2013

Don't Fear the Repack, Still!

Continuing to work my way through the box. Alphabetically, that means that I wrap it up with Gypsy Queen and Heritage.

Hey! I actually pulled a hit out of the pack. Brett Anderson of Oakland. No sticker here! The autograph is incomprehensible once you reach the Anderson, but it is still an auto. The best thing about this card is that it inspired me to start following his Twitter account, and it is quite an amusing one.
The three framed cards consisted of two Yankees (Ruth & Sabathia) and this one. When you'[re in doubt as to who the winner is, pick the one that isn't a Yankee. Although the Gibson card would be a tough hand to beat regardless of the competiton.
And even more Cardinals love with this great Stan Musial. A binder worthy beauty.
A nice variety of minis as well. Regular back, black parallel and a Gypsy back for the Walker. Trust me. It's there.
The base cards didn't really blow me away. But there was so much to love about the others, I'm willing to overlook it. When in doubt, pick the Canadian guy.
I guess the current events made this my favourite card of the Heritage set. I'm not Catholic, but my father's side of the family is pretty much entirely from Milan, so this is interesting for that reason. As for the baseball portion. No Mets. No Jays. So, I'll offer this one as my favourite:
Very spring training! Beats out the rather beard-intensive Brian Wilson card.

Even if I didn't pull the hits, it was still a lot of fun to bust this blaster worth of 2012 stuff for the variety I pulled. Especially since I rarely see anything Gypsy Queen related on the shelves anywhere in town.