Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Trade w/ All Trade Bait

All Trade Bait, All the Time, dropped a note on my 2013 Topps inserts page about getting "The Greats" card of Sandy Koufax. I quickly packed it up, threw in some random Dodgers, and got a random array of Mets and Jays in return.

Proof I'm strange. In a package that included guy like Seaver, Alomar, and Strawberry, this card is my favourite. A nice obscurity, and combined with a rather unfortunate hand placement, and far too many stripes for a uniform make this card a keeper.

I'm surprised that I didn't have this 80s Mets Seaver card. Got it now!

And a Fresh Delgado. I keep being surprised on how much of my Delgado stuff is from his days in Toronto, in comparison to his time in Florida or New York. While there should be more cards for Toronto, it isn't even close to being proportional. A local availability thing?

And to wrap up the Mets portion of this trade - Jae Seo. Why? Why not?
I've got a lot of bilingual cards in my collection. Amazingly, I think this is the first card where the writing on the back is English and Spanish as opposed to English and French. This card looks very gaudy when scanned, but it does look tamer in the binders.
And to close things up, a quartet of Roberto Alomar cards I didn't have. I'm really surprised I didn't have that Idols one. It just seems like one I'd be all over if I found it in a dime bin.

Thanks for the goodies! Hope your envelope made a safe journey stateside.

1 comment:

  1. Yup, your package arrived A-OK.
    It was great to pull off an international trade.

    I'm glad you liked the cards, and I don't know why I never before noticed that "happy fingers dancer" lurking over there behind Seaver.

    Keep an eye open for my trade post over at ATBATT.
    Thanks for the trade, buddy!