Saturday 9 March 2013

Trade w/ Hot Corner Cards

Just a small trade for a Saturday evening before HNIC starts. I sent a few Tigers and some 2013 set fillers that way in a PWE and got a nice PWE in return.

I didn't bust too many Heritage packs last year. So, I didn't get a chance to come across this little gem. I added it to my Top 10 list, and it barely lasted a week before it got knocked off there. A shame he never got the chance to wrap up his career in Toronto last season, but this is still a nice farewell card for Guerrero.

After some really questionable issues from last season from Ginter & Heritage, it is nice to come across a card of his where he doesn't look like a Criminal Minds unsub of the week. Target stores have finally opened in the area, and I'm kinda curious if I can find some red bordered cards in them. I've never seen the Walmart parallels here. Maybe I will with these.
He's still hasn't been photochopped into a Marlins uniform yet!
Finally, the one insert I was looking to pull from my box, and didn't. Nice to finally welcome this into my Jays collection.

Thanks for the PWE of goodness!

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