Saturday 16 March 2013

Re-pack weekend continues!

Let's continue on with the Surprise Box portion of the cards:

Box 1:

You really couldn't convince me that there's $5 book value in there. Still, I can enjoy the randomness of this rookie grouping, which consists of 4 guys not currently playing in the NHL. Only Yann is even playing in North America, as best as I could determine. Still, the Wozniewski card is a nice one for Sens-loving me, since his name seems to pop up consistently on lists as one of the worst Leafs skaters in recent times.
I've got to do better than players better known for bad performances. What's next?
I actually got two of these in the box.

Definitely very 1981-82 intensive for the next 8 cards. Still, the team leaders cards have some good players pictured on them in the Middleton and McDonald, and I can't hate Lanny McDonald cards, even if they are dupes.

2010 packs of 4 is something fairly new to the boxes. The Toews card is by far my favourite of this whole box. A great photo of a star player - wrapped up and crashing the net.

Did I get $2.00 of book value from the first box? Can't say I care either way. There's certainly $2 worth of enjoyment from this, though.

On to #2:

Why do I always come across cards of Michigan alum just days after sending a care package in the direction of Too Many Manninghams? Journeyman types like Perrin are always welcome in the binders.

It's Pierre Larouche on the 1980 Topps card. The Ramage is the only keeper in this group. I'm a sucker for the 80s Blues uniforms.

I'm not sure if the Superstar is Sakic or Lidstrom. Still, all but the Martin will end up in binders, so that's a winning 80% hit rate.

Again, a Michigan alum pops up. I'll have to save that until after the Expo. I can't keep sending Wolverines cards that way or I'll have mail carriers getting hunchbacked on both sides of the border.

The first box definitely wins in terms of cards that will make their way into binders. Still, I definitely got my $4.00 worth from the boxes.

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