Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Trade w/ Shoebox Legends - Part 2

Part 2 of working through the trade. Tonight, some of a pile of 70s Blue Jays cards. While I'm looking for at least 1 card of every Jay, I've yet to set an upper limit on how many I'm going to use once I start putting the binder together.

The cards were mostly Topps, but there were a few O-Pee-Chee cards in the bunch. I know some complain about the thinner stock, but if given the choice for a binder I'd usually choose the OPC due to the brighter backs. I'm leading off with the hero of the first Jays game. A sad end to Doug's life, though. Depression can be a nasty opponent.
Strangely, I've got a couple of cards of Woods where he is listed as Al Woods. Variety!
A rookie card of a long-time Jays pitcher. And I think this is the only card where Clancy is clean-shaven. Another great addition to the binder.
Another card of the first Canadian to play for the Jays.
And another one of Jesse's incredible 'fro. Sadly, another member of the original Jays that has passed on.
Since I don't want to wrap this up with something depressing, here's Dave Lemanczyk rocking a definite fashion don't. A jacket underneath a jersey? Much like with two types of plaid, I'm sure Tom Servo's reaction to it would be "Boy, I'm a naked robot, Mike, and even I know that's a fashion no-no."

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