Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Once a Trade

A couple weeks back, I sent some 2013 Topps stuff, and yet another Jenkins FDC off to Once a Cub. The return part of the trade arrived yesterday. As always, I'll blame Canada Customs for the delay, since the package was post marked on the 22nd. I'll never figure out why packages make it to stateside destinations quicker as opposed to vice versa, since the stereotype is America is more paranoid about security than we are.

Let's look at the goodies that made their way north.
NUMBER ONE AND THE BEST! What a beauty this is. A great addition to my Gary Carter collection. From the first world problems category, it's too big for the binder. Too big for any of my available holders. That means I have to head to the LCS and purchase a suitable-sized case for it.

Seriously, that could have been the only item in the package, and I would have been elated with the trade. But in the blogland, you knew there would have to be more, and there was.
A Mets flavoured Gary Carter card, all the way from Merry ol' England!
The Carter love continues with a mini! Although I did pull a Carter mini way back when in a group break, that was the regular back and this one was the Gypsy back. So, hey! Not a dupe at all! Plus, any Joey Bats is also welcome. I'm glad he'll be providing a distraction from the Mets ineptitude this season.
And one parallel Bautista deserves another!

They say good things come in small packages, but in this case, there were some really good things in the package. Thanks for the goodies!

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