Saturday 1 September 2018

Mailbag: Cards on Cards Part 2

There were a lot of Mets in the recent package from Kerry @ Cards on Cards. I was planning to go through all of them today, but the scanning was just too much. Especially with O-Pee-Chee hockey dropping this week, and the scanning overload that will likely go with it, I figured I'd just break the Mets cards up into themes, and post them slowly and surely as the mood hits me. Today, Heritage!
I believe my Heritage purchases from this year may have consisted of a pack or two from the LCS. So, even a single card from this year's release is bund to be a new card for the ol' team collection.
The big surprise in this grouping of 2016 Heritage is that I didn't already have the card of Calgary-born Jim Henderson in either my Mets PC or in my CanCon PC. I'm slacking, but this mailer at least added it to one of the two. Probably the former. Bonus - Mr. Met!
A few 2015 Mets.
And some 2017 Heritage. I'm leading this portion with the Josh Smoker because, huh huh, huh huh Smoker. (Simmer down, Beavis)
The kitchen floor in my childhood home has a similar pattern to this background. Heritage!
This grouping of Heritage will end with one of those infernal SPs from '17. That was not the best year for Heritage, with practically all of the major names as high number short-prints.

And that's the Heritage portion of the mailer. Lots more to come. Minor Leaguers! Stadium Club! Ginter!

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