Thursday 20 September 2018

[ADMIN] Post Office Strike/Lockout

There is the potential for a work stoppage with the post office starting next week, so until you see me post otherwise, you should probably hold off on mailing me anything, lest they end up in limbo.

Ob card:
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  1. Wasn't the Great White North's postal service on strike a couple years back?

  2. We've been battling back and forth for over a year for a contract... and our union and school district struck a tentative agreement at the eleventh hour. Hope the Canadian postal service and their employees are able to come to an agreement themselves.

  3. i have a stack to mail but will wait for the all clear. I enjoy sending cards over the border PWE. Sorry I waited so long to try it! Our postal service hours don't accommodate my own so if I can ship from the office, it works!