Wednesday 5 September 2018

Commence Set Build!

Time to get down with O-Pee-Chee for the 18-19 season!
Bring on the box! As you can see from the bottom of the box, there's fewer packs per hobby box, but more cards per pack as opposed to last year. That's slightly fewer on the whole.
Box bottom cards!
Here's one of the packs. My only beef about this is that the yellow on the design is almost transparent, and it is easy to see the top card.
And it this case, this was my first card of the set. I'd probably like it more with a little full bleed to it, but it isn't bad. The photography is exactly what you'd expect.
Same for the backs. Exactly what you'd expect. I'm guessing all the guys get full stats, especially with no Jagr in this year's set.
The remainder of the regular base.
The SP portion of the set fall in about 2/3 of the pack. That's a decent rookie to knock off the checklist in the first pack.
Finally, the retro parallels. These are 1 or 2 per pack, with the two retro packs being the ones without the SP. The silhouette in the corner does change based on the position of the player.
And the reverse of these. Looking at some of the others, these do get cut off at 13 seasons for lengthier careers.

Now, I must collate my way through the remaining 47 packs in the two boxes.

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  1. It's good to see box bottom cards making a return.