Wednesday 12 September 2018

2013-14 Rookie Anthology Case Break - Box 1 of 12

Let's get this started!

I'm not going to do twelve straight posts of this, but will mix things up with recent maildays, COMC stuff and retail breaks. That's about all the preamble needed - time to start.
Here's the Score update base cards. I wrapped this portion of the set up with my previous case break, so any of Shoebox Legends' needs for this portion of the set will be sent it that direction. Not too bad of a grouping here with some good rookies and a nice photo of Iggy.
The gold parallel, which is a dupe. My plan for this was to send all the dupes off to my COMC account, and keep all the other inserts. There will be one exception to the 'keep' promise. That will be shown later.
The Score autograph was this hieroglyphic display from Eric Hartzell. The extent of his NHL appearance was on the bench, but it is still a nice mask binder card.
Prizms! All three of these were dupes, but a Seth Jones dupe isn't a bad one to get.
Prizm also landed me an autograph. Tardif was a career minor leaguer who reached the bigs for a pair of games with the Bruins. He only played for Buffalo's AHL affiliate in Rochester, which sorta makes this a zero-year (tm: Nick @ Dime Boxes) card.
And the Selects.
My Rookie Selection base card is a redemption. I also pulled this redemption last case. It never came through, so it turned into a Daniel Alfredsson auto/relic numbered to 25. So at least some good might come from this.
The Rookie Gear relic was at least of a decent player.
Luxury Suite nets another auto with a swatch attached. Tye has bounced around, spending all of the past few seasons in the AHL.

So, on the surface, this was a really rough start to the case. But there's one more card to show off.
Well, that's pretty shiny and patterny. It is a Michigan Wolverines alum, so this one will be in the mail to Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders. That's a nice dual PC hit for him, being a Wing and a Wolverine and...
it is also a 1 of 1.

That's quite the way to save the box!


  1. A giant check will soon be arriving at your door since I may as well fund your box purchases from now on. Thanks for pulling such great stuff and generously sending it my way! I haven't found anything for you lately but I'll try to build up something nice.

  2. 1 of 1 saves the day! BTW I'm not ignoring your email on Score, have just been under insane travel conditions for my job recently (currently in NJ, will be in Boston all next week) so haven't had any time to tally up what I'm missing yet!