Thursday 13 September 2018

2013-14 Rookie Anthology Case Break - Box 2 of 12

Here's the second one.
These are considered base cards in the whole numbering process of this set, so I might as well lead with this. This would have been a good pull at the time. Now, he's over in the KHL.
The Score inserts.
A gold parallel. Austin Watson was trending on Twitter last night. That's gottabe a good thing as training camps open right? Right? Right...oh fuck. You asswipe.
Score redeemed itself with the autograph. Johansen was sent to the Predators in the trade that brought Seth Jones to the Jackets. This is probably among the better available autos in the Score Signatures checklist.
Speaking of Seth Jones, here he is again. These aren't the same cards as yesterday, but both he and Gibbons make their second appearance in the break. Update dupes two boxes in? Ouch.
Select has some shininess in their inserts.
While not a hit, these numbered Titanium update cards are nice bonuses. After spending part of the 13-14 season with the Canucks, it took until last year for Archibald to return to the NHL with the team, seeing 27 games of action.
With apologies to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams, I should probably keep at least one or two of the Jacob Trouba pulls I seem to be a magnet for.
The big winner in this box wasn't a card with an autograph attached to it, but this sweet stick relic. Getting a piece of a HOFer's stick is always a nice way to end a post and a box break.

There you have it!


  1. No Michigan 1/1s = dud box! Glad you pulled yourself a nice Trouba and that Yzerman is fantastic! I hope he gets to take over as GM up here very soon.

  2. That Yzerman is beautiful! Nice pull.