Wednesday 26 September 2018

Pack Sampler

A trio of random packs from the LCS for your Wednesday. I know I said the lack of Bark in the Park cards made me uninterested in Big League, but it was either this or a pack of Goodwin Champions, and baseball beat out miscellany.
I thought that originally I wouldn't be too enamoured with the photography on a lower end set, but there's a real nice variety in there. 
Although the design is very reminiscent of a recent one.
An insert. A parallel.
Not too bad for the Heritage pack. Two Mets and an action photo variation. 
Finally, the product that I don't think has made many appearances around blog-land, Upper Deck's 2018 Team Canada release. I wish they'd had a photo of Mandolese where he didn't look like a serial killer and where the top of the jersey doesn't blend into the background.
As before, the guys get a re-used photo on the back, while the women get a posed photo. Sarah Nurse is part of the diversely-talented Nurse family, being a cousin to NHLer Darnell and WNBAer Kia.
There's one insert/parallel per pack, and this is the one. Red is also a perfect choice for the background on a Team Canada parallel.

And there you have it! More hockey in the next post, whether repack or RA.


  1. The Dereck Rodriguez is a nice pull! Was at a card show last weekend where two collectors were looking for his cards.

  2. Those Team Canada cards are nice. I still haven't gotten any HHN yet, I hope to resolve that by getting perhaps a jumbo pack or two this weekend.

  3. Yep, that guy definitely has serial killer eyes.

    I think I prefer Big League to Topps base.