Saturday 29 September 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 34.3 - Too Long

I'm not done with the repack fest yet - I've still got a pair of Dollarama Surprise Bags to get to.
Here we have the contents of the first one. No supplies, just cardboard this time.
All flagship UD in the 2010s pack, and nothing very interesting photographically either.
The Canadian team pack wasn't the best, but the Messier insert was nice. Chris Joseph's son was one of the players that was killed in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.
I guess the Richter is the rookie card in this group. The Simon is a mouthful of a set/subset name, originating from 1997-98 Pacific Invincible NHL Regime. Whew.
The UD pack will wrap this group up. A couple notable cards were in it, including the only card that Jens Schwabe got in his hockey career, and Ken Sutton falling over on his Star Rookie card. He's still controlling the puck, it still looks he's being mocked by the Polly-O String Cheese parrot.
The two repacks were pretty similar. There were two of the exact same items, a pack of 1991 cards, and then the only different item this time being the 6 card pack.
Not much of note in the Score pack, so I'll highlight the Kitchener Rangers alum.
Less junk wax this time around in the Canadian team pack, even though the team in question stayed the same. The Hall card from his rookie season looks nice, but I cropped out that both the right side corners were dinged.
At least there was one non-flagship card in this group of 3 2010s card, and it is a pretty nice mask binder addition.
But the mask binder war is won this time my the Alex Auld out of Victory. One of my favourite motifs is the design where the goalie's face is in the open mouth of the team's mascot/logo.

And there you have it. Nothing major, but for $4 total, that was expected. And the Auld is a perfectly fine best card at that cost.

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