Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Mucho Mets - A&G

Off to the mailbag again, and the Mets content from a recent case break of Allen & Ginter. Maybe this will take the sting away from last night's mess of a game.
While it did land me an extra card, I'm not too crazy about these Home Run Challenge cards being in Ginter. They really throw off the theme of the set when you pull one.
Regular base.
SP base. The SP don't really seem as SP as one sees in something like Heritage, as I got 3 each of these in the case, while getting between 4 and 6 of the regular base.
There's a hot box in each case with all the cards being glossy parallels. That brought a few more Mets into the binder.
Minis! The bottom 3 were all Ginter back parallels, to go alongside the two black border parallels. The only dupe in the whole grouping was a second regular back of Todd Frazier.
This was the Mets only entry in the internationally-patriotic World Talent series. I just wish they'd centered the globe on this over Cuba for a little more accuracy.

There were also a couple of inserts from the Fantasy Gold Mine series. I don't need Fantasy themed cards in football, and I'm equally uninterested in them in baseball sets as well. So, I end with Cespedes. No hits out of Ginter, but when I get to Optic next time, that will be remedied.

There you have it!

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