Monday, 27 August 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 31.1 - Repack from Wally World

I looked, and found some 16-17 packs in this, with these being the results on the whole.

1 02-03 MVP
1 06-07 Parkhurst
1 09-10 UD S2
2 09-10 OPC
6 12-13 Score
1 13-14 Score
1 13-14 UD S2
1 14-15  UD S2
1 16-17 UD S1
1 16-17 Parkhurst

I'll just use to pick which packs get shown off first. And they will be:
I'll go through these chronogically.
Parkhurst are always fun for the variety, even if you don't land one of the on-card autos. Mike Keenan and Gump Worsley in the same pack? Great!
There were a couple inserts in the first of the UD packs. I have no complaints over a rookie year card of Jamie Benn.
Not too much team variety in the OPC packs as they started. 3 Avs and 2 Leafs? But I get an Alfredsson, and it is always nice to get my favourite player, even if it is a dupe. My fave might still be that Rafalski, for providing a photo from one of the outdoor in an unexpected set.
A Gordie Howe insert adds a little something to the first of the Score packs.
My second Alfredsson of the break! Also a dupe, but again, a favourite player pull is always great. As are the photos on the two horizontal cards.
Some more horizontal cards with interesting photos and a Crosby insert ends this group of 8. I'll end this repack tomorrow with the other 8 packs.

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