Thursday, 9 August 2018

Dollar Store Pick-Me-Up

After yesterday's painful Crown Royale break, maybe I can get more satisaction for $1.
This should do nicely.
I guess 205 Live doesn't warrant a design of its own. I'm not sure if that is good or bad for Noam Dar's card. I really wish they'd gone for a more vintage 80s-ish photo for Mean Gene, but it is still surreal pulling a card of his in 2018. Gargano's been main eventing NXT shows for the past bit, and Heath Slater has kids, dammit!

I should have bought about 50 packs worth of this instead.


  1. Looks like Heath's about to head down the Topps waterslide!

  2. I was almost tempted to buy a pack of these when I saw the old school Ultimate Warrior facepaint. I ended up passing, and it doesn't look like I missed much.

  3. Dang. Mean Gene Okerlund is still announcing for WWE. He was doing back when I was a kid. Good for him.