Saturday, 4 August 2018

Flea Market Hejduks (and more!)

It took several months, but I finally got a chance to get back to the flea market again. I did get one of the usual $5 brick repacks, but I'll get to that one in a later post. Today, you get just a handful of cards I picked up as singles.
While I do have a few new Hejduks to come in a bit, I'm starting with a mask binder card. He only played under a minute in the NHL, but is still memorable for his battle with multiple sclerosis. Jordan is now the Flames goalie coach.
And just a random card for my miscellaneous collection. This is from the 2011-12 ITG Canada vs. the World Roots of International Hockey Subset. ITG definitely had some oddball stuff in their releases, filled with guys who rarely saw cardboard previously. 
Here starts the trio of Milan Hejduk cards. These would be foil parallels in future releases, but here they're MicroMotion parallels.
One Beehive card deserves another.
Finally, the best of the day. 2 quarters for an Ice Medallion card /100 of Milan? No complaints about that! This is my first Ice Medallion out of any hockey set, and it is on its way to my 2/14 collection. His totals are now 188, 14 in front of Marian Gaborik.

And there you go. The flea market repack is up next!

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