Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Mailbag: Waitin til Next Year

Back to the mailbag again!
What posts are suitable to start off a card with a 3D Kellogg's card of Tom Seaver? Any post.
One Tom Seaver always deserves a second.
Here's a few more miscellaneous Mets cards, including my first Finest card from 2018.
OK. Jose Reyes' current tenure has not been memorable. Even if it did lead to this:
But a Mets hit is still a Mets hit and at least this comes from his first tenure with the team.

And there you have it. I'll continue putting Cubs aside for a future mailing.


  1. 135.00? That's hilarious!
    I heard he gave up 2 homers and then hit 2 the next day!

  2. I watched the highlights of that game. Kinda felt sorry for him after the first batter.

    P.S. That 74 Kellogg's Seaver is fantastic (even though he kinda reminds me of Dan Ackroyd in that photo).