Thursday 2 August 2018

Mucho Mets - Optic

Now, the group break goodies from the non-MLB licensed side of things.
The Mets warranted 6 base cards in the set, and these were the regular ones. The collation was erratic, as I got 2 Syndergaard base cards, but 6 of Rosario.
What I lacked in base cards of Thor were made up for in the inserts and subsets, as I got 4 Diamond Kings of his to make up for the lack of regular ones. Only one each of the 1984ish Rated Rookies. though.
Shiny, and numbered - /299.
Another shiny numbered card - /149. The blue on this is almost a perfect match to the team colours, making it my favourite of my numbered parallels.
It beats out this /99 red parallel of Dominic Smith.

Autos! I'll do them in order of rarity.
A base auto, my third of Amed.
Still unnumbered, but there's a nice shiny auto of Chris Flexen.
But this one is both shiny and numbered. It scans like a dirty green parallel, but this one is a gold /10.

And there you have it.

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