Friday, 10 August 2018


Mailbag time again, and these are some mailers from the card companies themselves.
I'd mentioned that I'd picked this one up with Panini Points in a previous post. I always love coming across ABA cards on modern releases. They're nice even though that seems to be the only photo Panini has of Larry Brown on the Squires.

I also had 300 more points to play with, so added a couple other cards to the shipment:
First up was an on-card auto of the late Walt Bellamy. 20000+ points. 14000+ rebounds. And a record that will likely never fall of 88 regular season games. That definitely makes for an interesting addition to the collection.
A 50 point Raptors auto is still a new Raptors auto for the collection.

I'd picked a little more Stadium Club to work on the set, and ended up with this:
Devers had live autos in a lot of stuff, but I'm willing to wait for one of the better rookie autos out of the 2018 releases.
And I didn't have to wait too long either. A nice photo to go alongside it as well.

There you have it. Next up, a repack!

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