Sunday 3 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 3 - Crown Royale Box 2

Here are the highlights from the other box of Crown.

Pack 1:
After not getting a large patch when busting my box of Prime, I guess Crown decided to make up for it with a pair of beauties. While yesterday's was event-worn, here's a game-worn patch to make up for it in all its 4-colour glory.

Pack 2:
The only base parallel I landed was this ruby parallel. Tanner Pearson was sort-of a Kitchener Rangers alum, as he was their stick boy before starting his on-ice career. When the Kings won the Cup, and he had his day with it, the Rangers dressing room was of the stops.

Pack 3:
A vet autograph! Sovereign Sigs could get sticker-dumpy at points, but at least he's still active in the league at this point. 

Pack 4:
And the final hit is my second Patrick Bordeleau sticker autograph. That's not the best ending to a box, but I won't complain with the other quality hits.

There you go! The other package is currently stuck in UPS hell, so I'll probably start on the Field Access sooner than expected.

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