Monday 18 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 13 - Field Access Case Box 8

With this, I hit the 2/3 mark in the case.

Pack 1:
A good pack for numbered parallels, as it started off with a parallel /99 of what looks to be a post Super-Bowl photo.
And then a regular ol' base parallel /50. Actually, it is numbered 25/50, so maybe this is a coveted ebay 1/2.
The auto is of a future Buffalo Bill. One with horrid penmanship.

Pack 2:
A set with strong photography, and Victor Cruz isn't doing the salsa on his card? Booo!
The auto is my second Henry Anderson of the case. At least it is interesting since this set seems to provide his only NFL autos.

Pack 3:
Another interesting All-Access photo, with the stadium towering above Randall Cobb being at least a co-star in this photo.
And the auto. He's still on the team. That's all that matters.

Pack 4:
This was a dupe, but a dupe that will be on its way to the 2/14 binder. This is the 25th card of Clowney in the collection.
I didn't imagine I'd be pulling a John Riggins card, but there you go.
And the auto is my 3rd, and final auto of Ka'Deem Carey in this break. Yegads.

This wasn't the best box of the break. I'll just leave it at that.

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