Saturday 2 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 2 - Crown Royale Box 1

Time for the first hockey box of the Black Friday busting. 4 five card packs, each one with a hit.
I don't plan to show all the base cards, but here's your sample, one bound for my collection of Kitchener Rangers alum.
And the card backs. Typical Panini. McDavid beat Landeskog for the youngest captaincy by 20 games when he was named Captain by the Oilers.

And now the hits, in order of opening.
Starting off with a stickergraph. At least Tennyson is still playing in the NHL (although he was recently sent to Buffalo's AHL affiliate in Rochester).
Now this would have been an amazing pull when this was released. An on-card autograph combined with a silhouette design and a nice patch piece from the front logo? Amazing! As the former #1 struggles to stay in the NHL this card is now more aesthetically pleasing than a potential flip for $$$. I don't think I could have told you he was now with the Avalanche. And I'm just fine with that as the collector I am.
Now here's another Rangers alumni hit! Much like the previous hits, he's been bouncing around as well, and is now with the Wild. Much like with Yakupov, I doubt I could have told you that.
And one more Rangers alumni hit! A great box for that PC! At least here I could tell you the team he's currently playing for without having to hit hockeydb.

There you go! One more box of this to go!


  1. Nice box! Panini makes some very cool hockey hits, of which I'm well aware since you've sent me so many!