Sunday 24 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 15 - Field Access Case Box 10

What comes out as I hit the double-digit mark for the boxes?

Pack 1:
Marcus Mariota stylin' and profilin' starts off this one.
A /99 parallel.
And the auto. Since he's a Crimson Tide alum, this one is set aside for my eventual mailer to JBF.

Pack 2:
A Greg Olson hot pack! A great photo of a catch through tight coverage is my fave of these two.
My first auto'ed plate pull! I've got a couple in the collection, but those have arrived through trades. This is also my second 1-of-1 over the past month or so. Unlike the Turco auto, I'll be hanging on to this one.

Pack 3:
While I didn't get any Panthers hits, this was a really good box for some nice base cards from the team.
2/14 content on the insert.
And there's the auto! A pretty nice one as well, taking advantage of the sticker dump to land a veteran auto.

Pack 4:
There's the image that the previously seen plate helped create.
The parallel here shows up as the insert card, a purple parallel /25.
And the auto to close out this box. This might be my first nose tackle autograph.

2 more boxes to go!

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