Wednesday 20 December 2017

2/14 binder newness - Part 2

The second part of this recap will begin with some good luck on my part. This autographed buyback was grouped in with the base cards from this set, and for some reason, priced accordingly. An autograph numbered out of 4 of someone that could fit into 2 PCs for $1.54. How could I not snap this up?
Along with the Jim Kelly cards posted yesterday, the late John Marzano was the other big addition to the collection with 4 each. My big favourite here is the Topps TV one in the lower corner. That's my first Topps TV card in any of my collections. He's the second baseball player to reach the 30 card mark, trailing Derek Norris' 34.
Some nice 70s vintage up next. An Expo and a mini!
2 separate OHL cards in the same post sees Norm Milley make an appearance sporting my favourite OHL jersey with the Sudbury Wolves.
The e-packs make an appearance as well, with this rainbow colour wheel parallel that is an e-pack exclusive, and therefore ridiculously cheap through COMC.
Finally, the Ms come to an end with my second card, and second autograph of Alexandra Mueller.
More e-pack card, and these two go perfectly together alphabetically, and when it comes to team collection as well. Compendium sported a large checklist, and it was great for finding cards of players that would be ignored from physical releases.
The green parallel is the last of the e-pack cards in this post.
Ron Waller's 1956 release is the oldest football card in the collection. I've skipped over his 1957 card, in jumped right to 1958 with this one.
It ends with more Senators content, with the only zed name in the collection. Ilya stands at 17 cards total, a tie with another Sens alum in Sean Hill.

I'll start recapping some Black Friday group breaks tomorrow.

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  1. Whenever I look for 2/14s for you and try to find some Mrazeks they're always like 10x more than I'm willing to pay. What's the deal with his prices?

    Also, nice buyback