Sunday 31 December 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 39 - Ending the Year Right

The best way for me to end another year here is with some Dollarama repacks!
This is up first. Will I find something worthy of the mini snap holder?
The Score pack did contain a new Craig Wolanin for my Rangers alumni binder. But that's not snap holder worthy.
Ditto for this John Moore. Binder-worthy, but not holder worthy.
As expected, the HOF card was a junk wax one, but 1993 Leaf making an appearance always improves a repack.
More holders! More Score!
While the last one of these did contain the glossy variation of Hejduk, all this one had was the base card, which was a 2/14 binder dupe. Ribiero was the glossy parallel in this one.
Not just one, but a trio of cards that could conceivably be the superstar in question. Poor, poor Philippe Boucher is the odd man out.
The mask binder is 50 percent worthy of the mask binder. Fiset's ice brick mask is a simple classic.

That ends another year here on the blog. Tomorrow, I can start it off the exact same way with more repack fun.

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