Sunday 10 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 8 - Clearly

This is a low cost box, but riskier as there is no guarantee of a hit per box. Spoiler: I didn't get one. But I will add some acetate cards to my collection.
The first card out of the packs. The silver strip and the player's image are raised on the acetate, making for a different feel to these cards.
That portion just appears as white on the back. I hope you weren't expecting stats.
With no hits, I had to look for something interesting out of the base cards. The closest I could get was with only 16 base cards, I did land the complete Atlanta Hawks base set. All 3 of them.
Each of the 5 packs contained either a rookie, an insert or a parallel. Neither of the first option were that spectacular, but at least both are still with their pictured team.
The parallels. At least that Jason Kidd Mavericks card will find a nice home with a fan of Jay Barker/Josh Willingham, once a package from Panini arrives and I can forward on the goodies.
And the only insert card. A binoculars look for the background is a great choice.

And there you go! That's the only basketball I busted over Black Friday. I'll probably shift back to football for a bit.

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