Friday 29 December 2017

I Couldn't Wait a Year

Would it make more sense for me to fit a trade envelope from Waitin' Til Next Year in as this year draws to a close, so one wouldn't have to wait, or to stay true to its name and post it in January?

But, I've got three envelopes to recap, so some have to be fit into 2017. So, this will be one of 'em.
There was a good selection of junk wax era cards in there, but there is no problem with that, especially since there was a surprising dearth of these in my binders. And these were limited!
And just because it is from that era doesn't mean the photos can't be great.
There wasn't just 80s and 90s stuff, as here's a rather recent Stadium Club addition as well.

A few random hockey cards were also in the pack.
The best of these, or at least the most interesting to me, was this card of one-gamer Bill Armstrong. His only card was this O-Pee-Chee/Topps issue. But that's still one more game and one more card than I've had.

This was just a sampling, as I added pages of goodies to my Mets binder that I really appreciated. Thanks for these!

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