Friday 1 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 1 - Strata!

Last year for Black Friday, I took a year's worth of Challenges and selling at COMC and turned it into a $1000 gift certificate for the site, with the goal of getting a pile of cards to bust during the time. For 2017, I did the same, and picked up a pile of cards. The highlight being the Prime box I posted a few weeks back, and a case of 2015 Topps Field Access.

I also got a few other boxes to go alongside that, and I'm going to post those over the next week or so and then get to the case.
I actually busted two boxes of this earlier in order to work on the base set. Combining this box with a 4th busted earlier, I'm still more than 40 cards out. Off to my wantlist with that!
A nice, shiny ruby red Carr highlighted the first box, and this should pay for both of these boxes easily.
It also came with this, a redemption that was still valid, and surprisingly for Topps, still not fulfilled.
The second box highlight was already shipped off to, and already posted by, Matt @ Bob Walk the Plank.

Finally, the most recent box.
The boxes typically have 6 of these gold parallels, and this was typical. The Megatron is actually a dupe.
The /50 sapphire parallels are 1:220 packs. Josey's been in the CFL the past few years.
And the die-cuts, featuring two repeat customers from the gold parallels. Collation!
Starting the hit parade is the base version of the Clear Cut Auto Relics that started this post. Another appearance for Logan Thomas, who is now with the Bills, and a tight end as well.
This might have been a good pull for the time, notsomuch now as his career seems to be questionable after an injury. Still a nice patch though.
And the biggy! This shadowbox card is thick. Thick enough that it was the only card in the entire (usually 6 card) pack. This is a beautiful card in hand, with the auto looking really nice on acetate above the second image of Lacy.  But, since Eddie is an Alabama alum, this has been put aside for a fan of Jay Barker, especially since the HRX I'd promised him seems not to have ever come through.

There you go! Crown Royale hockey next!


  1. DC- That card is a beaut!! Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. Wow...Your boxes were pretty good. That Carr is really nice and thanks for the Archer!

  3. Congrats on the Carr autograph! At least you can get your money back.

  4. Cool Carr, and the Lacy looks awesome! Nice of you to spread some of that wealth around - $1000 in COMC credit?!? I hope most of that was from selling, cause I've been busting my butt on challenges all year, and I've 'only' earned $200+