Thursday 7 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 5 - Field Access Case Box 3

Box #3 time!

Pack 1:
A very patriotic entry opens up this box and its interesting cards. While the blue parallels of the base set aren't numbered, the ones for the insert sets are numbered /99.
Good enough player for the auto (although he was injured in the first quarter of the season and is out for the year), but that's ghastly penmanship.

Pack 2:
Kicker mojo!
My first Bills card so far. Throwback helmets are a bonus.
The pack's auto. He's still in the league at this point, and seems to have caught on quite nicely with the Lions.

Pack 3:
Bills content starts this one off for my second entry for them.
The Adrenaline Rush insert gives a nice flashback to the greatest show on turf era of the Rams.
And the second box so far with an auto that's getting set aside for Matt @ BWtP. Nice photo to go with it as well.

Pack 4:
If he hadn't pissed off everyone on his way out of the league, this might have been a decent pull.
And the auto. Much like with Robinson, he's also had injuries this year. Unlike Robinson, he was unfortunate enough to have them take place in the pre-season opener.

Another box where the best card may have been one for somebody else, but that Tomlinson at the start was also a solid contender.

I do expect the rest of the boxes to finally arrive later today, so I should be taking a short break from this case starting tomorrow.


  1. Gotta get me one of those LT's. The Jones auto is also nice. Dude's turning into a legit star.