Tuesday 12 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 10 - Field Access Case Box 4

Time to slip back into the case of Field Access for a box or two.

Pack 1:
Starting off with an All Access insert. Hall of Fame induction photos, complete with the bust, really can't make enough appearances on cards.
Another gold parallel /99.
And the auto! Not a bad one either. At the very least, Kirk Cousins is a candidate for the penmanship binder with this entry.

Pack 2:
Bills content!
The insert is pretty nice here, being a Dwight Clark that doesn't feature 'The Catch' but does feature a Jerry Rice cameo.
And a nice rarity up next in the second pack with an offensive lineman auto. And pretty good penmanship as well.

Pack 3:
I haven't highlighted the backs of these too much, but really should when one includes "strong-but-pillowy".
The auto? A guy named Storm.

Pack 4:
I'll start this one with Jerry Rice on a card where he doesn't have to share the cardboard glory with anybody else.
The autograph is a Bills one! I think this is the only one where Clay is both pictured/listed with the Bills, so I didn't have too many options when adding one to the collection.

Bills content is always a great way to end a post!


  1. That Cousins has a nice signature on it. I wonder who wrote it for him?

  2. Aw man! Cousins is the primary one I wanted to pull from this stuff. I've got some spare autos if you'd be inclined to trade. Still need a bunch of base cards too...

    1. And I've met Cousins for autos, and that's how he writes it...

  3. Wow congrats on pulling the Cousins. This set is kind of sneaky with the big names in it.