Monday 4 December 2017

Will my benefactor enter and sign in, please?

I was going to start my Field Access case today, but the mail this morning had different ideas? I received an envelope addressed from the Kitchener Rangers today which had this, and only this in it:
WOO-HOO! That's going to add a lot of new names to my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection.
And with autographs as well. Only three of these guys have cards outside of this set, with Adam Mascherin and Connor Bunnaman having releases in Leaf, and Elijah Roberts getting an entry in this year's Team Canada World Juniors release.

A few have been drafted in the NHL, with Luke Opilka going to the Blues, Connor Hall to the Penguins, Mascherin to the Flyers and Bunnaman to the Panthers.

But I don't know who gets the thanks for it specifically, so thank you to the sender, and could you please sign in and get your well-deserved credit?


  1. I thought you'd be able to figure out that was me! It was just cheaper to have them ship it directly to you. But of course I have lots more to send you soon. Merry early Christmas!

  2. Wow, that's awesome. I had no idea something like that even existed.

  3. HOLY SHIT! A full auto'd team set?