Saturday 16 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 12 - Field Access Case Box 6

Up now, the box that put me at the halfway mark.

Pack 1:
Bills content opens this pack with the perpetually-suspended Karlos Williams. Sounds about right in terms of a team approaching 18 years of playoff absence.
A beautifully done photograph starts the numbered cards in this box. I love the helmet in the foreground on the bottom with the stadium rising behind the player. This green parallel is /50.
Nice effort, Zach.

Pack 2:

An interesting all-access photo here as well. Looks like a tip of the helmet from Super Bowl 43.
That's better in terms of aesthetics and being a Titans QB autograph. I pulled the gold parallel of this previously, and sent it off to Kerry @ Cards on Cards for his Ducks collection. This one, I'll be keeping. Since I should keep at least one of the two.

Pack 3:
This one was pretty bland, but the autograph is of someone still on the same team that drafted them. That is no easy feat for the class of 2013.

Pack 4:
If an offensive lineman gets a card, it is always worth highlighting.
Not a bad player to get a rookie card parallel of. Golds are /99.
And your auto.  At least he's still on the team. The second gold parallel in this pack.

Halfway there!

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