Sunday 17 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 13 - Field Access Case Box 7

Pack 1:
Bills content opens this one as well. Looks like from a game under the lights as well.
I guess there were a lot of Ka'Deem Carey stickers around Topps HQ. This is his second appearance.

Pack 2:
Just like in hockey, I really like photos of the player when their feet are not touching the ground.
I can't imagine why Topps opted for this photo.
Not a bad autograph here of a high draft pick. It might be the first auto in my collection of a player born in Ghana. /50 too!

Pack 3:
A Connor Show hot pack!
Really using that All-Access literally here, with this amazing suit from Super Bowl weekend.
The auto may look like hieroglyphics, but he gets an exception to the rule under the long-name corollary to my penmanship criticism.

Pack 4:
The always-popular photo of JJ Watt saluting makes an appearance here on another gold parallel.

And the auto is of guy who likes to throw flags as much as officials.

2 autos of defensive players still in the league, and 2 of offensive players now out of the league. That's an interesting mix.

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