Thursday 28 May 2015

Mailbag *3: Shoebox Legends, Condition Sensitive & $30 a Week Habit

Mailbag time! This time, a quick recap of a trio of packages that showed up so far this week.
Let's go through this sequentially, in the order of this post's title. This nice vintage Mets card isn't as poorly cut as this scam would make it seem. I just laid an egg when it comes to cropping this image.
Fortunately, I did much better when it comes to these. The top 3 are actually cards from the Topps Team Sets, complete with the NYM prefix on the card number. From there, there's Heritage and shiny among the cards on the bottom of this sixth. A nice mix.
And what better way to wrap the PWE up with a pair of Delgados.

The other envelopes were of the bubble variety.
After seeing that Condition Sensitive pulled this from one of his GQ boxes, I looked for a card that might pry this from his hands, succeeding with a Tulo all-star relic. I'll just ignore any mentions of "spinal stenosis".
Since it looks like I'll be building this set this year, as I await any news about how the SPs will be handled with Archives. Here are my favourites among the base cards i got. Nolan because it is one that even if it isn't SP, his are still tough to come by in dime and quarter boxes. And the Gossage is just a great photo that looks great in GQ form.
Painted Alfie! One of the cards I really wanted from this set.
And a painted version of an already painted mask. While I didn't like the one pack I had, I kinda like these base cards more than my original excursion. Which might lead to a base set pick up. Actually, be on the lookout for a few more posts from Masterpieces over the next week or so.
Random Bills! A pretty nice mix. Dancing Kenneth Davis wins this card battle.

And on to the envelope that just showed up today.
How about starting with some more Delgados. Robert wasn't sure how many would be needs, but I think there was a pretty good batting average with these.
And here's some more for my Alfie collection.
And a nice shiny mask card for that binder.
And to wrap things up, here is an auto from one of my favourites. While I like the cityscape back of the card...
and the fact the back of the card is an Ottawa history lesson, as opposed to a Peter REgin history lesson.

So, the only way to wrap up a Mailbag * 3 post is with a Thank You * 3.


  1. Glad they made it safe and sound Doug.

    That was to try and repay what you've sent me over the past few months. Hopefully I've put a dent in that debt.