Thursday 7 May 2015

2015 Spring Expo Goodies - Part 7 - Nothing but the (Baseball) Hits

I'm starting to get down to the bottom of most of the individual card postings from the show. And now, most of what is left would count as a hit. There's no real way to split them up logically other than

1) Baseball
2) Everything else

So, here they are. All of these were $2.00 or less.
Starting with a new Vlad relic. I don't know if this qualifies as a drawn card or not. Or why Vlad hitting for the cycle qualifies as a Bazooka Adventure.
Another auto I picked up solely because I found the penmanship interesting. It starts really nice, then it implodes on the last letter.
I like 2014 Heritage, whether it is the majors or minors version. When they give me the logos of the Hammerheads and Flying Squirrels, I like them even more.
This is one of several cards that I picked up because I was looking through a bin where the cards are "X# of cards for Y$", but I had X-1 cards. It is on card and I do kinda like the Inception design.
I grabbed this because I remember this Rob Johnson pitching for the Mets during a blowout in Toronto. And that he's not the Rob Johnson that played for the Bills.
6 relics for $2.00? Sure thing! And 5/6 of these guys are still active. That's good for emerging stars. How many of these became stars is up to you. But you'd thing emerging would mean the players featured were just starting their big league careers. Here's their debut season:

Bobby Crosby - 2003
Brian McCann - 2005
Ryan Zimmerman - 2005
Stephen Drew - 2006
James Loney - 2006
Joey Votto - 2007

This is a 2009 card. I'll give you the last 3 as emerging, but a six year veteran?
Only because the card reads "Gary Antonian Sheffield". Antonian!
And how could I pass on a relic from a HOFer for less than a toonie? Classic blue uniform on the card photo (if not the swatch) as well.

And there you have it!


  1. Poor Bobby Crosby. He is on so many "emerging star" cards. Wonder if he sits at home and just cries while looking at them.

    Love that Yount.

  2. Love the Vlad and Yount! Great cards. I'd pay two bucks each for them.

    And Matthew... Can't speak for Crosby, but I have a fair share of Crosby relics and although I don't cry... they aren't anything to be excited about.