Saturday 23 May 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 97: Misc. vintage!

How about some nice older cardboard for a Saturday afternoon?
If only someone would wake Jose Cardenal up...
Woody Held. I was going to make some sort of tasteless joke about his name, but thought better of it.
Damn, Pedro is styling in this shot. But that was not the reason I got this card.
Woody Held. Cock Fighting. This post is going nowhere fast. Except right into the toilet alongside my mind.
So, how about a card I picked up just because his name reminded me of an addictive game show of my youth.
This one I picked up just because I liked the shoulder logo for the Orioles.
And yet another Len Gabrielson for my 2/14 collection.
And a nice celebratory Mets card to wrap up this post that was more show than tell.


  1. Mr. Douglas says "But... but... I thought you said 'NO Whammies'...."

    Nice bunch of vintage! Thanks for sharing on this holiday weekend.

  2. I love Whammy. I need to secure an auto of him since he stopped sending back TTM requests a year plus because of his declining health and then passed away a short time after that.