Tuesday 19 May 2015

Yet another new face in the 2/14 collection

The new face is somewhat obscured by the face mask, but here it is. Bruno Heppell joins the collection, and he's also becomes my first normal-sized CFL cards in the collection. Former Ottawa Rough Rider Mike Raines is the other CFLer, but his card was from a set almost twice the size of your standard 2*3.
And while he isn't making his debut, this Mike Bishop will become my first normal sized card of his as well. His local Kitchener Rangers issue was almost 2.5*2.75 in dimension - too wide for the 9 pockets. It is now in the oddball sized portion of the binder, alongside the aforemention Mike Raines. As best I can tell, I now have both the cards that made up Bishop's cardboard career.
The best thing about Sean Hill's Senators cards is if i find out they're dupes, they can go into the Sens collection.
Milan now becomes the 2nd person to reach 80 cards in the collection.
Still trailing Marian Gaborik, who still maintains a 3 card lead overall.

Binder total: 1017.

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