Tuesday 26 May 2015

This Way to the PWE

I'm not feeling the verbosity tonight, so here are the highlights from a PWE sent by Mark @ This Way to the Clubhouse, in return for various Mets, Bills and Gabriels.
Starting off with a nice shiny card. As I've said, since I'm not busting much Heritage this year, so I'll gladly accept any Blue Jays/Mets via trade. The regular Jose Bautista is a short-print this year, as expected, so this Chrome /999 is even nicer, as I've become somewhat of a Joey Bats completist.
Neat cartoon on the back as well!
First up, a Chrome variation. And now, a photo variation out of Update. This glove kiss squashes the generic pitching photo on the base card with ease.
Back-to-back days with 1998 Metal cards. AWESOME!
And a trio of Larry Birds for my Celtics collection. The easy winner in this one is the middle card, which features the style of jacket worn by many of the greatest enhancement talent on WWF, AWA and NWA television every weekend. Ah memories. Thinking that Tony Leone and Mario Mancini actually had a chance.

So, there's a trade recap. Thanks for these goodies, and I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled for hovkey Gabriels.

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