Friday 16 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 6

Vintage! More accurately, previously enjoyed vintage. There was a dealer with a handful of these, and I got a handful for other collectors on my list, I still picked up a few for myself.
I'm not a Phillies collector, but I do like seeing the 'Fightin' Phillies' on a card. And hey, if the table is X for $Y and I have X-1, I certainly can do worse than adding a random 1953 card to the mix.
A chance to pick up a decent shot of a Kentucky Colonels jersey? Sure.
The Floridians? Ditto. Back to 1971 for these two cards.
And some vintage CFL as well. I usually find myself getting these for stateside NCAA alumni collectors, so it was different to get one for myself. And he's a Hall of Famer as well.
Another HOFer and the most recent card in this post, coming from 1972.
While a card from his playing days wouldn't show up on a "X for $Y" table, this one from his coaching days certainly might. The Kraut liner grew up right around the corner from me. After his passing last year, I came across a photo of him in his youth. The three homes you see all the way in the back are still standing, as is the factory above his shoulder, although that has fallen into disrepair in recent years.
The back of the card even references the Kraut Line, and I don't even need to rub a coin over the back of the card to find the answer!

And there you go! Some not so vintage pick-ups tomorrow.


  1. There was a team called the Florida Floridians? :facepalm: Why am I not surprised?

    1. They were originally the Miami Floridians, but by this time they had dropped the city name and were just The Floridians. Not exactly intimidating.

      I forgot that that set used apostrophes after the team name. Very odd.