Monday 19 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 9

100 more cards!
Unlike the reverse alphabetical order used in the first grouping, this one is sorta done by team, if not perfectly numerical order.
While action shots aren't really a staple of OPC releases, check out that flex on the stick in the Hendry photo.
Pavelec is one of the guys who became a major part of their team during the 09-10 season, but weren't really important enough to warrant a card in the first release.
Shannon and Volchenkov were both guys that played for the Sens the previous season, but didn't make the original cut. Jimmy Howard might be the best example in the set of what I described with Pavelec. Despite appearing in sets since 2005-06, Howard was still a rookie this season, and ended up second in Calder trophy voting.
I seriously had no idea that Brad May was still active in 2009.
I'll never cease to be amused by a cameo appearance of those Popeye rink board ads in the background of photos. We now shift to the rookie portion of this set, albeit not with the cream of this year's rookie crop.
That Matt Climie was one of the cards from this set that I had previously, as an addition to the mask binder. Lars Eller is the first (only?) guy so far among the rookies who is still active in the league, playing for Washington and getting his time with The Cup last year.
It was Tyler Myers who won the Calder in 2009-10, against some major names in the rookie class this season. Another big name lurks in the top corner with Dubnyk, who would become a star in Minnesota.
We've got a former Art Ross winner in this group leading the way. Also, Alec Martinez is here, and he's been on a pair of Stanley Cup winners with the Kings.
Another great netminder here with a former Vezina winner and Stanley Cup winner looking as generic as possible on his card. Sanguinetti is one of a handful of players to reach the NHL that were born on 2/29. So there's that.
As we approach the 790s, things really pick up. I think Gustavsson is the only player in this group that still isn't active in the NHL. And I'll take any chance to use the 'Karlsson' tag on a post after his trade to the Sharks.
And some more major names to end this update set.

At $15 for the set, this was pretty good for less than a dime per card.

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