Monday 12 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 2

Let's start digging into some of the wax I busted over Expo weekend. I'll probably devote one post to each product as opposed to each box, as I did do multi boxes/blasters of several products. This was not one of them. In fact, this was the only product I didn't do multiples of. So, I'll start the wax fest with one box of:
This product couldn't have been that Limited, as there were still boxes available. Let's see these 7 cards.
That is a Rangers-intensive pack, but 3 of the 7 cards within hit my PCs. Limited was an early season release, so much like with Artifacts, the rookies would come in the future. Turns out that all 12-13 rookies ended up being delayed until 13-14, and the only true rookies in 12-13 were the late season debuts from 11-12. But, generic team redemptions were still allowed, and that got this Senators redemption, which will turn into a card of Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Cory Conacher.

An appearance of Stanley is up next, and always elcome no matter who it is alongside. Alongside a mask binder card of a HOFer is even better. Then there's not one, but two Marian Gaboriks. A base card and a silver parallel. Amazingly, I didn't have either in my 2/14 collection. That's the base card and the silver parallel. Those are 2 of the 9 cards I acquired for the 2/14 collection on Friday.

Off to the bottom row, we start with a beauty of a patch of Carl Hagelin. I didn't pick up too much in terms of volume for a future package to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams, so this will be part of the next eventual mailer. I don't know what that substance that is on the diagonal in the patch, but the more I think of it, I really don't want to know. After that, a HOF dual relic. I don't have much in terms of silvery Kings relics. So, there's that. The final card is technically a base card, but it is a nice looking one. And Prout's still playing on this side of the Atlantic, now in the Flames organization.

And there you have it! Probably some more boxes tomorrow with some Artifacts.

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