Thursday 29 November 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 37.1 - Something New!

Something sorta new at the Dollarama! The 80 card baseball packs might be taking the cold weather season off and replaced with 80 card hockey packs. They are $1 more than the baseball ones, but 80 cards is still a nice amount for $4. Let's see everything!
Off and running with the left cards. The baseball ones seemed to have a lot of late 80s cards, while the hockey ones seem to trend towards early 90s. But at least one of them this time was a French version. Even though it is the junk wax era, that Nieuwendyk is a really great card, especially with the visible shadow.
Gotta show off the back of 1993 Leaf card. The new Leaf release included autoed buybacks from this set, and I was really tempted to try a box and see if I could hit one.
Steve Konawalchuk was always a favourite name of mine to say out loud. Stanley makes an appearance on the Jim Paek card. He was the first player born in South Korea to lift the Cup, and was the first to reach the NHL period. I don't think there could be a better photo for a rookie card than that. 2/14 baby Calle makes an appearance here, but it is a binder dupe.
About time some 1990 Bowman made an appearance. It wouldn't be a repack without some! Ilya Byakin is the first player so far, I had no memories of, cards or otherwise. He was an 11th round pick and spent parts of two seasons with Edmonton and San Jose. The photo on the Osborne is another new favourite of mine. A face-off photo, but it really doesn't seem to feature the players taking it.
The first half draws to a close with a goaltender intensive portion, although only the Miller qualifies for the mask binder, since Hasek was still sporting the plain gear and Nabokov is a dupe. 3 Senators cards so far was more than I'd expect.
A nice start to the second part of this with a pair of Landeskog cards. While the flagship card is a Rangers alum dupe, that Platinum base card is a new one. The Esposito is a sorta precursor to Archives/Heritage, with a new photo attached to a familiar design. In this case, this is 1969-70 design, Tony's rookie year.
There's a reason I didn't include the back of the Jeff Daniels Leaf card.
That's because I got dupes of it within the same side of cards. And there's my first ever San Diego Mariners card. WOO-HOO! Grosek is the player on this side of the repack that I had no memory of, including cardboard appearances.
Looks like 1991 UD had a pair of great shot from above the ice with a nice usage of shadows. Why does the cynic in me think they were from the same game?
And here's the end of it. They aren't insanely valuable, but that insert of Kenins was unexpected as this drew to a close.

And there you have an 80-card repack! All I ask for is a few keepers out of thse, and I've got some mask binder cards, some Sens and interesting miscellany. Perfect!


  1. I love that 92 UD set. The design might be boring, but I love it cuz it really lets the photos shine.

  2. Nice Kevin Stevens rookie card! Loved using the Penguins and playing the Stevens/Lemieux/Jagr line on NHL 94.