Monday, 26 March 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 13 - The Calm Before the Storm

Before things get a little busy around the blog, I might as well clear off two more Dollarama repacks. One $1 hanger and a Surprise bag. Which is pretty much the usual for me.

I'll start with the $1.
2017 UD - Matthew Dumba - Multi-image cards can be found in the regular ud base set this year, after returning to the Canvas portion last year.
1990 Bowman - Patrick Flatley
1996 Pinnacle - Alexei Zhamnov
1992 Pinnacle - Rob Pearson
1991 Pro Set - Paul Ysebaert
1991 Score - Wayne Gretzky - Even from the junk wax era, a Gretzky appearance is always welcome.
2000 BAP Memorabilia - John Madden - Of course I landed a Wolverines alum for a future TMM mailer. Why wouldn't I?
2000 BAP Signature - André Savage - An obscure Bruin sporting the Gentle Ben unis. That's worthy of a scan.
2012 Rookie Anthology - George Parros
1994 Parkhurst - Nathan Lafayette
1995 Stad. Club - Russ Courtnall
1991 Score - Trevor Linden - 3 straight Canucks! Repack collation can have such quirks.
1990 UD - Janne Ojanen
1991 7IS - Brent Watson - Those early Guelph Storm uniforms were something else...
2015 UD - Sean Monahan
Will there be a card worthy of the snap holder? Likely not, but I'll still dig into these.
Not one, but two HOFers in the HOF pack. Even better, that's a new Al MacInnis for the Rangers alumni collection. We're late in the season now, as there's the second UD card from one of this year's releases in this post.
#3 is in the 2010s pack. Great photo choice on it as well.
Even the miscellaneous pack wasn't too bad. 3 of the cards not being from the junk wax era was 3 more than I expected. And even the JW stuff wasn't too bad. It may lack the poofiness of Jagr, but that's a nice mullet nonetheless that Todd is sporting.

There you have it!

And, as for the storm I referenced in the title...
this should be a fun one.

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