Saturday 3 March 2018

4 if by Sportlots 2018: Part 2

Envelope #2! #3 has yet to arrive.
In my goal to acquire at least one Jays card of everybody who played in the bigs for Toronto and got at least one card to commemorate their time there, here's Luis Andujar. He spent parts of 3 seasons with the team, but this was his only Jays card. Given his numbers over those seasons, only one card was not a surprise.
Chris Michalak's numbers were better than Andujar's, but he only lasted a part season before he was waived and picked up by Texas. This Update issue and its parallels are his only Toronto card, although he did make an appearance on a prospect card as an Athletic in 1994.
2/14 binder Jim Kelly #79.
2/14 binder Jim Kelly #80.

And there you have it.

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  1. Still think the original/current Jays uniforms are the best.