Friday, 16 March 2018

The Best Mets

I'll stay with the mailbag for this post, and show off some Mets from a group break that goes back about 2 1/2 months, and of cards that have been waiting to be posted here since then.
These were the base cards. These were pretty much the three you'd expect from a base set mixed with vets and prospects.
A shiny parallel. Even in hand, they can be a slight challenge to tell the difference. The colours on the bottom are lighter here, so I'll just be content that keeps me from having to flip the card over and look for "Refractor" text.
At least the Atomic Refractors are easy enough to tell apart from the base.
A+ Prospect? That sounds just perfect for making a Met fan overconfident. Just like with the Bills.
One more shiny card with a flashback to 1997.
And my only hit from the case. Still, it is my first auto of PJ Conlon, so I can't complain about adding that to the hit binder.

There you have it. Next up is a short break from the mailbag for some Opening Day celebrations!

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