Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 2

Top 10 cards from Box #2:

While this still isn't the guy named Connor you want to pull, he's become a very solid netminder as the Jets work their way to the playoffs.

Here's another member of the '15 rookie class that's developed into a solid player, making it more than just that guy named McDavid.

Although a dupe, I still like adding these to my recaps, just so I have an excuse to scan them.

The Traditions cards generally end up higher on the list, but this one is a dupe as well.

The hit parade starts with a Sedin.

Although it is a dupe, Lanny is always a player that I rarely need an excuse to scan a card of.

Forbort's always a fun name to say out loud.

The obligatory "base card I'm glad I don't have to purchase".

The auto takes the #2 spot. While this probably should get the #1 spot, being an on-card rookie autograph of a good player...

The oddball-ness of Champ's has to win out. A silver /25 parallel of a CrossFit athlete? Fine by me.

And there you have it. Box #3 tomorrow, and this one will have the toughest pull of the case. Sorta...


  1. The Northern Wonders cards are fantastic! And I think if you ranked the AA auto #1 Camille might have beaten the crap out of you lol. But I do like how the silver background matches her tank top.

  2. Gotta agree with Chris... that Northern Wonders card is awesome! I also like the design of the rookie autographed cards. Gonna have to see if there are any SJ Sharks in the set.