Friday, 30 March 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 4

I'll keep working through the case - at this point it does seem like I'll go for it with 10 straight days of Champ's. That's not a bad thing.

Unfortunately for my set build, this box had a lot of dupes among the SPs from box #3. This was the only one that wasn't a dupe.

9, 8, 7:
All those dupes lead to me highlighting all 3 of the fish cards in the box.

Along with the Tatar shown earlier, this is one of the cards that I knew I'd be sending off to COMC to help pay for a small portion of the case. This is the gold-back variation as well.

Although it wasn't from a previous box, even one of the hits was a dupe.

The #1 picks come 1 per case.

While this set doesn't include patches and low-numbered relics, at least this one included a seam.

A new Traditions card for the subset! And my first card to reference In Flanders Fields on it.

Yup. This is a solid #1 pick for a box. An on-card autograph of a future HOFer is always welcome in the collection. There are a lot of Iginla cards on the market, some not that expensive, but it is really nice to pack-pull one.

And there you go! 6 more boxes left!


  1. Two relics, a case hit, and an Iggy auto. Not bad. Not bad at all!

    I think I saw a replica of the Montreal locker room at the HHOF. It was fascinating how those words and the faces of the great Habs players who came before hang over the room.

  2. Awesome Iginla! The guy had over 600 career NHL goals, yet I was still able to pick up three on-card autographs of him after he retired for under $11 on COMC. This guy's cards are truly undervalued.