Friday, 2 March 2018

4 if by Sportlots 2018: Part 1

This will be the first of several posts in 2018 that cover my Sportlots purchases in lots of 4 cards each. Shipping costs increase greatly for envelopes from the US once I hit the 5 card non-PWE level, so 4 is perfect. And this is my first 4 pack of 2018.
Here's an insert perfect for my Cancon collection. A perfect mix of Canadian MLBers for a 2010 release. Although Joey Votto did get the MVP award later that season, so maybe he'd be a better choice in retrospect for the current lineage.
This was a card that was on my wantlist as soon as it showed up in Stadium Club releases. The pre-roof days at Olympic Stadium get a gorgeous shout-out with the photo.
2/14 content! Having just learned that the current volume leader in the baseball portion won himself a domestic violence suspension last season, I'm trying to knock him out of the top level in that category. It looks like it will be either the late John Marzano, now 3 back, or Takashi Saito, who is 10 back, but with more cards available, will take the spot at some point.
And another 2/14 card ends this 4 pack. This is actually a big one, as this, if zistle can be believed, this completes my collection of Damaso Marte base cards. He's one of a handful of 'perfect matches' in the binder, as he matches up with both date and year. This is his 23rd overall card, and there's always parallels.

And there you go. Another 4 pack tomorrow!

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