Friday, 23 March 2018

Meet the Mets!

Once again, the box from 2*3 Heroes opens, and this time, a selection of the Mets portion of the set gets the scanned and posted treatment.
Stadium Club is always an acceptable pick as to a card to use when starting a post. It looks like a rather bland photo choice, but I do like that it is slightly off-center combined with the side-facing pose.
I admit to having no idea what this was from. Scanning through COMC informed me these were Walmart exclusive decals. Seeing as I've seen a grand total of zero packs/blasters of retail Heritage, it is nice to add something I really couldn't pack pull up here.
The other Mets card in the pack that wasn't a 2*3. This green parallel is also /99.
From a classic cardboard look to a glossy parallel. A fine transition.
Another set makes it debut in my collection.
At least at one point, I probably could have pulled one of these red Target parallels from a blaster of cards purchased on this side of the border. Back when Target Canada was a thing. Although my wallet is probably thankful in the long run.
More sets making their first appearances in my collection.
Start with a Piazza card - end with a Piazza card. Perfect.

Still two more trips into the box to go.

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  1. love those Piazzas. I'm not sure how I missed owning the Stadium Club. I best get to finding it!